• 1900~ 1919 The club house at Nagata-cho

  • 1920~ 1939 The club house at Sannen-cho

  • 1940~1955 Morioka-cho (current Minamiazabu)

  • 1954 Match viewed by Emperor Hirohito

  • 1956~ present Minamiazabu

A club with over 120 years of tradition focusing on international goodwill

1900 Tokyo Lawn Tennis Club was founded on the property leased by the Imperial Household Agency near the Prime Minister’s official residence in Nagata-cho.
1920 In conjunction with the rebuilding of the National Diet Building, on property leased by the Imperial Household Agency.
1940 Relocated to Minami Azabu, the present location.
1942 Became registered as an incorporated foundation.
2013 Became registered as a general incorporated foundation.

During the turmoil following World War II, the kindness and efforts of many to restore the club helped to establish TLTC and achieve its found in mission of promoting tennis as a popular sport in Japan and international goodwill through tennis. The current membership consists of members of the Imperial Family, diplomats, international and Japanese members. The club remains true to its 120-year tradition and the spirit of international goodwill. Located in the quiet environment of Arisugawa in central Tokyo, members enjoy year-round tennis and club life.