Membership at TLTC

  • Applicants for regular membership in the Club shall be persons who are residents of Japan, and must be at least 23 years of age. Applicants must be proposed and seconded by two existing Tokyo Lawn Tennis Club members who have been regular members at the Club for a minimum of one year. Currently, the club accepts non-Japanese applications on a continuous basis, while Japanese applications are accepted on a periodic basis. For further details, please contact the Club Office.

Membership Categories

  1. Regular members shall be classified into Permanent Regular Members or Term Regular Members (5 year term). The Term Regular Members are only available for non-Japanese. Any applicant holding Japanese nationality will be categorized as Japanese.
  2. Members of the family of a regular member, whether permanent or term, who are eligible to become a family member. His/her spouse and his/her children of 12 years of age or over, but under 23 years of age.

Schedule of Fees and Dues